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All Saints Church

All Saints Church was built in 1925 with the joint efforts of Maganlin, a missionary of Episcopal Church in U.S.A and Wang Xiaokui, a Chinese teacher, on 425 Middle Fuxing Road, then within the French Concession.
It is a typical 17th Century Episcopal church with a wooden steeple and a triangle roof. The 1,326-square-meter church also features redbrick, concrete-engraving doorpost and rose windows. In the northwest corner is its 63-step square bell tower. The main hall can seat 500 worshippers while the small hall and the attached annex hall can seat 1,000 more.
The church was luckily preserved and became Luwan District’s joint service church in 1958. It was again open to the congregation in 1980s after being otherwise used during the Cultural Revolution starting 1966. As the church resumed its religious functions and held a thanksgiving service in 1982, Luwan’s first Christian Congress was held here in October the same year. Many visually challenged Christians from across Shanghai regularly attend the service held especially for them the fourth Sunday afternoon every month since 1985.