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The Bridge 8: Flying with the Wings of Creativity

The urban streetscape is mirrored in the hollowed-out glass and metal plate windows. The internal structure exposed, neither obscured nor modified, revealing the original atmosphere of the industrial plant. Porches and wooden grilles are just like a bridge connecting the space. The Bridge 8, Shanghai’s most typical creativity promotion platform, is the incubator of fashion. The creative industry park is made of seven buildings and the bridges connect them into a complete one. The transformed old industrial plant has enjoyed a reborn, connecting the city’s history and modernity, domestic and foreign fashion, creativity, culture and design, as well as creative talents around the world.


A View of Imagination
Taking free leaflets is one of the young artists’ favorites when they come to the Bridge 8. These promotion items are popular not just because they are beautifully and interestingly designed, most importantly, the recruitment information about creative activities makes them exceptionally attractive—it bears the key to the hall of art.
Every year and every month, even every week and every day, countless imaginative and creative parties, art exhibitions and behavioral exhibitions stage in the Bridge 8. Mavericks are not guilty and originality is reasonable. The Bright 8 welcomes novelty and denies mediocrity. It is the cumulative imagination that makes the Bridge 8 treasure creativities like vitamin, making itself stand out from other places. From its birth to the present, the Bridge 8 has witnessed numerous creativity exhibitions. We selected some of the most special, most topical and most successful projects to appreciate the charm of imagination that creativity brings to us.


Photo Exhibition
Before formally coming to the creativity exhibition, maybe you have never imagined that in Shanghai there could be so many public welfare projects, most of which are totally new to you! You might be shocked that there are so many people enthusiastic about this cause. They might live in different corners of the city, unnoticed. But once the seeds of inspiration and enthusiasm start to bud, they will instantly gather together, still unnoticed. A six-day “Charity ? Pretty” creativity exhibition has displayed 248 photos and 185 public welfare projects. Who says charity needs no imagination? You will be impressed and moved just to give a thought to the meaning behind these warm and meaningful projects, such as “care for those with autism”, “send teachers to rural areas” and “training the mentally handicapped” etc.
In fact, in recent years, the public welfare concepts and projects have mushroomed in Shanghai, and a good number of people are making great efforts. This creativity exhibition will attract more people with a loving heart to the Bridge 8 and strive for public welfare. Everyone should ask what they can do to make the world a better place. Except for the static picture show, there are also many interactive devices, such as “recycled computer video column”, “the heart of badge”, “the picture wall of public welfare embrace” and “the road to public welfare” etc. They enable visitors to form a more vivid understanding of the public welfare projects and to experience their charm, which echoes with the Bridge 8’s idea of fun sharing and happy experiencing. 


2011 Shanghai College Graduates Creative Design Exhibition 
Where do the new ideas of design come from? The rookies, of course. Those younger and less skilled tend to have more fabulous imagination. Seniority doesn’t mean everything, the one with better ideas rules.
This Exhibition includes designs from almost all well-known universities and colleges in Shanghai. You must be stunned by the power of dream, which can make a common student shine with a bright soul. The creative design covers various fields, including art design, industrial design and architectural design etc. Works like “golden dust”, “the rabbit game”, “the story of the stairs”, “reserved proud”, “pregnant ? space” and “the wizard” all demonstrated extraordinary creativity. It’s a promising world because young people are so sincere. It’s no use to complain and pleasure is not the elixir. After all, human beings have to move forward.


“Life and Its Bearer”—International Poster Exhibition
Insiders worry that the word “design” now faces a crisis of being abused. What exactly is “design”? It’s tough to answer this question because there is a fine line between fashion and rusticity, design and speculation. Therefore, sometimes we need to reconsider our aesthetic by appreciating classics. The poster exhibition invites 87 famous artists from 27 countries and regions including the United States, the Netherlands, Japan and Korea. The exhibition is themed “urban development and livable environment”, trying to voice for the people through designs and creativities. Ben Faydherbe, a Dutch artist, believes that for the first time in history the urban population surpasses that of the rural areas; and in order to create a feeling of home in the ever-expanding city, we must build our living environment with creativity. While Japanese artist Masuteru Aoba shows to people such a picture: straight lines represent the building and the eyes, nose and mouth from the windows, and the windows smile because of the good life in the city. Everyone is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the Earth, the mother of every living thing.


“Hanting - New Urban Vision Cup” Environmental Protection Photography Exhibition
Since creativity comes first, environmental protection must be one topic that can not be bypassed. This exhibition is themed “Green Vision”, aiming to reflect the concept of “idea, recycle, and green”. At this point, the Bridge 8 is a vivid example. With an area of 15,000 ㎡, it used to be the factory buildings of the Shanghai Automotive Brake Company. Through elaborate reconstruction, those old heavy brick walls, lined pipes, and mottled ground are preserved, making the entire space filled with the vicissitude charm of the industrial civilization era. Meanwhile, from the giant “Green Door” sculptured by French artist at the front gate to the rosy color blocks on the gray walls, as well as internal Opera-like stacked leisure bars, every place is creative and fashionable. Being environmental means lavishing inspiration without wasting a dime. Environmental protection itself is multi-dimensional—when it comes to visual arts, the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, the exhibition tries to interpret “green” with broader and more complete images .


Long 7 SNEAKER x: Hupu Sneakers Appreciation and Exchange Fair
Originally, “sneaker” refers to the rubber-soled shoes. Now, the shoes have already become a culture, a unique shoe culture, creating a group of shoe lovers and collectors, they are called “the Sneaker”. At the fair gathered many heavyweight shoe collectors, and every Sneaker wishes to see enough shoes. 
Price and rarity of shoes is not the standard of the exhibition because every Sneaker has his/her favorite shoes, which cannot be measured by money or limited edition. With their own stories and enthusiasm, those creative people gathered here. Sneakers and pop culture enthusiasts from Shanghai and Beijing brought their collection of shoes, some of which are really rare. Being creative is not easy; persistence is required to turn minority interest into a culture. “Made in China” is worthless, while “created in China” is worthy of respect.


Creativity Carnival
This time, the whole Shanghai creative youth encountered each other in the Bridge 8. Creative Carnival starts from here and the tourism festival makes it even livelier. Creative artists, you know, are usually crazy (commendatory here). The more people they see, the more inspired they are. Handmade dolls, sugar paintings, hand-painted shoes and all kinds of matches, naughty stickers, and graffiti boards make everyone a master of creativity.
Dozens of KIOSKs, interactive area, performance area, and recreation area interspersed in the Bridge 8, creating a free space for creators and “treasure-hunters”, which is also one of the most eye-catching exhibition. From various fashion designs, handmade works, fashion apparels, toys and film DV, Books LP, craft gifts, daily necessities and so on young creative people find and refine ideas and thoughts, and fill them into everyday life. In a word, the creative carnival is a place to show the beauty of life.


Fringe Festival Activities
The word “fringe” means “wheat” or “edge”. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, founded in 1947, is now the world’s biggest art festival. Rejected by the so-called “mainstream art”, eight art groups performed on the streets in their own venues, standing up against the official art festival performances. They call it “fringe” (meaning the fringed art) and became popular.
The Fringe Festival first landed in Shanghai, more than 300 young artists and students from around the world attended. It also brought a pioneering art display entitled “Busy”, introducing to the audience the era’s most representative and fashionable concepts, including music, painting, photography and performance art. The festival will also push the bridge 8 to the top of international creative culture. The Fringe Festival is to “entitle every artist the right to speak out their thoughts”; “no” is not in the dictionary of the Fringe Festival. Never pre-determine artists, no rehearsals, completely free and open—this spirit of freedom attracts all types of artists, not only talented and independent artists, but also singular and absurd buskers.


Black Sheep Nights
Have you ever heard that creativity is the product of a closed mind? Blockage, lack of communication or narcissism can only lead to ephemeral works, not enduring classics.
The Bridge 8 provides creative people with a platform for communication and mutual inspiration. Concept can be learned and digested, but once the channel is established, it must be unobstructed. As a well-known advertising design company established in London in 1982, BBH aims to provide the many cross-industry designers with an open communication platform, which happens to coincide with the idea of the Bridge 8. How powerful will it be when creative landmarks, creative people and creative ideas collide? “Inviting Time”: Niu An Image ? Art Exhibition—can time and music be used as part of the paintings? Nobody says no. Returning from abroad, Niu An, the contemporary female artist, chose to take the boldest attempt of her artistic career at the Bridge 8. For the first, she uniquely mixed time and music into her paintings, making every audience feel the natural art.
Can time be invited? It can when the mind is wide open and the freedom is boundless enough. Niu An abandoned the conventional art exhibition mode and replaced it with the form of acts to make the work more appealing. Later, her art exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Art still followed the traditional way, which of course is related to the attitude of the visitors. Niu An will turn the exhibition space in the Bridge 8 into a huge flowing curtain, another perfect transition in space. Time and history seems trivial, no to mention the human beings.


Shen Fan “Unapproachable” Art Exhibition
Many artists will choose the Bridge 8 as a launch pad for their new works. At this exhibition, Shen Fan, one of the most influential artists of abstract art in China, unveiled three paintings that he never exhibited before. The materials and painting methods are sharply different from his previous paintings, and viewers can catch a glimpse of the footprints artists left on the road of art. Painters indulged in artistic creation are more or less lonely, and they are eager to convey their message to the outside world, just like mankind has never stopped the effort to talk to the aliens. The Bridge 8 has pure creative atmosphere and the spirit of exploration, which echoes with Shen Fan’s great elastic creativity. The two just form an inspiration collision between abstract art and creativity incubator.


Creative Startups Settled Down in Here 
The Bridge 8 is located at Sinan Road and Jianguo Road, one side is the secluded Zhou Enlai Residence, the other side is the busy and noisy Chongqing Road. Here locates Shanghai’s most fashionable creativity team. Walk in the park, the free atmosphere is around you. Whether the architectural design, park planning or entrepreneurial projects are all in the newest style. All that matters is to be creative! 


The MONDO is the most typical shop in the Bridge 8. It focuses on creative activities and selling becomes supplemented. The studio collected fashionable neo-classical-style furniture from Italy, Thailand, the United States and Hong Kong. There are also the mainland-produced items which are very rare but both practical and ornamental. It is worth mentioning that the lovely home decorations, like faces of naughty kids, will bring you back to the days when a toy could make you smile.


Fragrant Backyard
Between building No.1 and No.5 there is a corridor and an open space, which forms a sunshine coffee bar: the Backyard. What a beautiful name! It is really the “backyard” of the Bridge 8. The creators give up those odd ideas and leave the space with pure green for relaxation. The complicated and bold ideas and shapes are no longer useful. The restaurant offers coffee and a small place to rest, artistic indeed. Western food, BBQ, wine, champagne and leisure are always available.


ILOUC Custom Diamond Keepsake
This shop is decorated like a wedding hall. The romantic color and atmosphere almost make people have the delusion that they are in the Alice Wonderland or Snow White’s wedding. Each of the rings, necklaces and pendants is unique; you don’t need to worry at all. If you need something custom, they will try hundred percent to make you satisfied. The design itself is more precious than any material. The pride of being unique is priceless, which is just the charm of creativity.


Haiyi Gallery
The gallery has held many well-known Shanghai art exhibitions, like “Flowing Landscape: Baobei 2011 Oil Painting Exhibition” and “the Same Sunshine: Wang Cheng and Song Xianzhen Landscape Painting Exhibition” etc. The only criteria is that, be sure to have a unique style. Those culturally independent and rebellious paintings and the extremely expressive painters and paintings are always more popular.


Wu Siyuan Film Post-production Studio
Wu Siyuan locates the studio in the Bridge 8 because he believes that the environment for creating is very important. In addition to the rent, the entire creative atmosphere is good for the development of creative culture. The elegant, medium, common arts are all necessary, and none of them should be attached too much importance. This also coincides with the idea that the Bridge 8 pursues: the producers are labeled on the products. Also the birthplace will sure influence the producers: you always get what you pursue.


S.O.M Corporate Headquarters
Among the SOM’s numerous works are the famous Jin Mao Tower, and of course a long list of VIPs including the Sears Tower in Chicago, the International Airport in Saudi Arabia, London CANARY terminal planning and design, the Hong Kong International Convention Center. Architectural design is everywhere and complicated, and the Bridge 8 itself contains the essence of design. In a flowing and open environment, the inspiration of design always flows.


You can find every team suitable for you on Douban.com, however picky you are. Or you can build a new one if you like, “parents are scourge” for example. Douban Company settles in the Bridge 8. Can working be cozier if you can enjoy the coffee and sunshine?


Point-to-Life Design Bookstore
At the indoor entrance there is a coffee table stocked with coffee pot and cups, desk and chair are at the window, ready for customers to read a book or watch the rain. Bookshelves are full of design books and magazines, so designers and young people will flood to the bookstore. Inspiration and ideas collide in the books and magazines, and then it would spring out. If there were no such a bookstore, could the Bridge be as attractive as it is today?