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Press Release
Huangpu Pilots Holistic Tourism
Source:【Shanghai Observer】 2017/11/13

The Shanghai Holistic Tourism Promotion Conference was convened at Guangfulin of Songjiang District on November 1. As the first batch of national holistic tourism demonstration zones, Huangpu, Qingpu, Chongming and Songjiang, according to local conditions differently, innovatively implemented plenty of work and achieved certain success.

Concerned with the spatial distribution of “One Core, One Belt and Four Zones”, Songjiang District comprehensively activated its all spatial carriers for tour. Many a little making a mickle, Songjiang successively promotes cultural tour of “the Root of Shanghai”, rurality tour of “Punan Countryside”, ecological tour of “the Peak of Shanghai”, science- popularization tour of “Songjiang Innovation” and leisure tour of “Vigorous Metropolis”, in a bid to blaze 10 boutique routes including root exploration for ancient Shanghai culture, leisure tour in downtown and suburbs, industrial tour of “Songjiang Innovation”, sports tour, delicacy tour and film & TV cultural tour. Meanwhile, it is going to compile the “Opinions on Promoting Development of Songjiang-style Minshuku Business”, and coordinate with the District Agricultural Commission and the District Planning and Land Authority to boost Minshuku pilots in Maogang, Xinbang and Sheshan.

Focusing on and digging down in its history and culture, Qingpu schemes arrays of special tour products, featured with full time, all season, overall view and the whole region. Besides, it goes all out to produce tour routes such as cultural tour themed with “the Resources of Shanghai”, memory-tracing tour themed with “Revolution Marks”, experience-oriented tour themed with “Beautiful Countryside” and folklore tour themed with “Jiangnan Watertown”.

Centering on “Blossoms Admiring in Spring, Coolness Enjoying in Summer, Forest Partying in Autumn and Birds Viewing in Winter”, Chongming creates featured festivals for a whole year through holding bicycle carnivals, international tourism festival of forest yoga, forest tour festival and also the first agricultural amusement leisure season, regularly remaining “Festivals and Joys in Towns”.

Grouping domestic and foreign tourists, Huangpu has over 20 popular micro-tourism projects. Currently, 20,000 tourists have participated in over 70 micro-tour activities. Completely taking advantages of various transport tools, Huangpu designs and plans different routes for urban micro-tourism, so as to link up with tourism resources of holistic tourism for fully appreciating Huangpu itself. Free tour or enrollment for offline guidance will be advanced more.

For the next plan of promoting holistic tourism pilots, the four districts will further create the mechanism on tourism development, and complete the policy system. Moreover, they will enhance the innovation of tourism planning mechanism and perfect the supplying mode of tourism public services. Focusing on great tour, grand market and big industry, they accelerate the deep integration of tourism industry and other industries, and exquisitely prepare for “Tourism +” of cultural tour, trade tour, sports tour, industrial tour and countryside tour, etc. Plus they will strengthen the coordination and connection with authorities in various aspects like comprehensive reform, comprehensive supervision and comprehensive enforcement of law, and will quicken the construction of a new mechanism on comprehensive coordination and management of great tour.

Professors attending the conference believed that holistic tourism advocates for changing from construction and management of single scenery zone and spot into overall planning and development of tour destinations. Encircled with realizing the “Nine Changes” including changes in tourism management modes, industry development modes and market treatment modes, holistic tourism drives national tourism industry into the prime times, and will guide the tourism industry of Shanghai to launch a new round of reformation and exploration.