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Press Release
Huangpu Embraces 12 Municipality-level Trade Headquarters Enterprises
Source:【the District Commission of Commerce】 2018/4/16

The ceremony for certificates issuance to the 2nd batch of municipality-level trade headquarters enterprises was held at the Municipal Government on the morning of March 27, in which CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited (CTS International for short) was granted with the plate.

Chen Zhuofu, Standing Member of the CPC District Committee and Deputy District Governor, attended the ceremony, saying that the district would continually support CTS International to locate in Huangpu and to further develop toward the top clouts.

CTS International yields RMB8,700 million income due to major businesses. On the board of the top 100 China freight forwarding and logistics enterprises of 2017, it ranks the top 3 in air transport business, the top 10 in shipping business, and the top 7 in comprehensiveness strength. CTS International boasts of a long history in business and brilliant market brands in logistics industry.

A total of 122 municipality-level trade headquarters enterprises in total obtain the assessment and approval in Shanghai, in which Huangpu owns 12 ones, positioned at the top 2 among the city.