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Press Release
1st Shanghai Lawyers’ Painting, Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Exhibition Held
Source:【the Justice Bureau 】 2017/8/11

On the morning of July 28, the “Hanhong Cup – Law Language in Ink” the first Shanghai lawyers’ painting, calligraphy and seal cutting exhibition kicked off at Magnolia Theatre. Attending the opening ceremony were president Yu Weifeng and vice president Zhou Tianping of the municipal bar association, Zhou Zhigao, vice chairman of the municipal federation of literary and art circles and president of the municipal calligraphers’ association, and more than 100 participants from the arts, bar and justice circles in the city.

The exhibition is the first large-scale art exchange event among the lawyers in the city. With the theme of carrying forward the spirit of socialist rule of law and promoting rule by law, the exhibition comprehensively showcases the talents of Shanghai lawyers, and reviews the development and progress of the rule of law culture in Shanghai. More than 100 outstanding award-winning works will be displayed to the public for a week.