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Press Release
Broken Riverside Belt Connected in Huangpu
Source:【Shanghai TV News】 2017/5/18

It was learnt that the 11 gaps on the 8.3-kilometer riverside belt in Huangpu District have been connected, and in the next stage the whole riverside belt will enter the construction for space landscaping and improvement of functions.
There used to be 11 gaps in the Huangpu section of the riverside belt, including 4 ferry and sanitation wharfs and Lupu Bridge. Now all the gaps have been connected, which means that at the end of June the citizens can travel the whole riverside section in Huangpu smoothly from Garden Bridge of Shanghai, the Bund, Shiliupu, the South Bund, Nanpu Bridge, the Puxi part of the World Expo Park, and Lupu Bridge to Nanyuan Park. at present the supporting facilities for the riverside belt in Huangpu are under construction, with two thirds of the project of jogging path, slow path and cycling path and more than half of the construction for terrain transformation and green planting completed, and the rebuilding of the waterfront platforms on the riverside belt under way. Currently, Huangpu District has initiated the task building for operation and management.

Huangpu District governor Gao Yun said, “Our initial plan is to integrate all the management forces for the riverside belt and really reach the goal of first-class hardware and management.”