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Press Release
Huangpu Holds Activities for National Voluntary Tree Planting

On the morning of March 13, the “introducing gardening in families, making life green and beautiful” – 2017 district activity of national voluntary tree planting was held at the riverside greenbelt. Attending the activity were the leading officials district Party chief Tang Zhiping, Gao Yun, deputy district Party chief and district governor, Cui Liping, deputy Party chief of the municipal administration of landscaping and city appearance, Huang Chong, chairman of the standing committee of district people’s congress, Zuo Yan, chairperson of the district CPPCC committee, Li Yuhua, district inspector, and deputy district Party chief Ding Baoding.
At the ceremony Tang unveiled the rockscape “Jingye (devotion to work) Forest”, and Gao and Cui presented the certificates of honor to the municipal-level advanced units and individuals in greening work. Then, the officials joined in the representatives of citizens to plant the “Jingye Forest” collectively, kicking off this year’s campaign of national voluntary tree planting.

The “Jingye Forest” is an important part of the construction project of linkage of the riverside Huangpu section, and the construction will further improve the ecology and environment at the section and really achieve the goal of making the people enjoy the banks, the landscapes and the greenbelts. On the day of the event, the tree planting promotion activities were also held at Penglai Park and the People’s Park, creating a good promotion atmosphere of all people loving and protecting the greenbelts.