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Press Release
China Time-honored Brand & Famous Brand Expo 2017 Appraisal Held
Source:【News APP of Shanghai Observer】 2017/10/12

It is reported on September 23 that the 11th China Time-honored Brand & Famous Brand Expo was held from September 22 to September 25. Supported by the Ministry of Commerce, the Expo was co-organized by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economics and Informatization, the Huangpu District Government and the China Time-honored Brand Commission of China General Chamber of Commerce, and was jointly undertaken by the Huangpu District Commission of Commerce, the Jing’an District Commission of Commerce, the Shanghai China Time-honored Brand Association and the Shanghai Municipal Commerce Development Research Center etc.

On the Expo, these time-honored delicacies processed on site attracted arrays of people, including pork mooncakes of Wangjiasha Dim Sum Store and Dexing Restaurant, cooked food of Western Laodafang Industry Company, butterfly crackers of Park Hotel, soup of two fried glutens and two Tofu skin rolls with minced pork of Yuyuan City God Temple Dining Company, rice cakes and vegetable buns of Shanghai Dafugui Restaurant. Price here was lower than that in market, which attracted enthusiastic consumers.

On-site staff told that Baixin Stationery Commodity Company, located at Fuzhou Road, was previously Baixin Bookstore established in 1912. It became well-known on account of publishing A Story of Three Lovers by Zhang Henshui in 1932. From 1956 on, Baixin Bookstore has been changed into “Baixin Stationery Commodity Store”, which is devoted to stationery, becoming the largest store for comprehensive stationery commodities in Shanghai. Baixin Stationery has re-involved book business since 2016 and produces a favorable bookstore according to the mode of “books & related commodity retails & simple dining”. Owning chain business, Baixin Stationery aspires to compete against other aggressive bookstores in Shanghai.