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Press Release
Huangpu, China Mobile Shanghai Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Source:【the Science and Technology Commission】 2017/4/20

On the morning of April 7, the district and China Mobile Shanghai branch signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on jointly building Huangpu District into a “smart urban district”. Attending the signing ceremony were deputy district Party chief and district governor Gao Yun and Chen Li, Party chief, chairman and president of China Mobile Shanghai, and signing the agreement on behalf of the two sides were Hu Guangjie, standing member of the district Party committee and deputy district governor, and Liang Zhiqiang, vice president of China Mobile Shanghai. Also present at the signing ceremony were the officials of 13 district departments such as district science and technology commission and district commission of commerce affairs and the related departments and the southern region branch of the China Mobile Shanghai.

Expressing his gratitude to China Mobile Shanghai for its support in Huangpu District’s construction of smart urban district, Gao vowed to take the standard of the central urban districts in the most influential international metropolises, and strive to form the core functional district for Shanghai as an international financial and trade center, the important service district for Shanghai as a scientific and technological innovation center, the core leading district in Shanghai as an international cultural metropolis and a well developed urban district that is suitable for business, living, work and tourism, with the construction of smart urban district as the key foundation for the above-mentioned goals.  

Gao hoped that first, we should target the international advanced level, further improve the capacity of the information infrastructure in the district, increase the coverage of the 4G network, strive to take the lead in piloting and commercializing the 5G in the district, and make joint efforts in move the aerial information communication wires underground to support the improvement of the urban environment; secondly, we should accelerate the promotion and demonstration application of the information technology in urban security administration, grid management, government public service, residents’ life and other areas, and further tap into and utilize the government data resources; thirdly, we should attract the conglomeration of the emerging industries in the “internet plus” and other fields, provide favorable environment for information consumption, the internet plus finance and other industries and boost the industrial upgrading.
Chen said that China Mobile Shanghai will aim to create a world-leading operator of digital innovation, continue to step up the input in the information infrastructure in Huangpu District, develop the high quality 4G network, constantly improve the bandwidth of fiber access at residential areas and business buildings, increase the access speed and cut down the charges, give full play to the advantages of China Mobile Shanghai in research and development of cloud computing, the industry chain and other fields, vigorously participate in the information construction and boost the construction of the smart urban district in Huangpu.

According to the agreement, China Mobile Shanghai will energetically advance the development of the new generation information infrastructure in the district during the “13th Five-year Plan” period, achieve 100% coverage of optical fiber at newly built buildings and residential areas, and implement scale experiment and trial commercialization of the 5G network first in the district. In addition, the two sides will cooperate in e-government affairs, district governance and livelihood services, deepen the innovation and application and boost the clustering of emerging industries.