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Press Release
Gao Yun Investigates SPD Bank
Source:【the Financial Office】 2018/3/12

Gao Yun, District Party Chief and District Governor and his entourage visited and investigated Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. (SPD Bank for short) on the morning of February 27, accompanied with Chen Zhuofu, Standing Member of the CPC District Committee and Deputy District Governor.

Accompanied with Wang Xinhao, Vice President of SPD Bank, and Chen Bing, Party Chief and General Manager of Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd., Gao visited the Achievement Exhibition for the 25th Anniversary of Establishment of SPD Bank and the Bund 12 Building.

During the forum, Gao Guofu, Chairman of Directorate of SPD Bank detailed on its development in recent years and its plan in the future. The both parties made a deep communication and negotiation centering on adjusting industrial structure, leading fund operation by government, carrying out significant projects and reforming state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises.

Gao said that as a significant financial institute in Huangpu, SPD Bank continues on cooperation with the district and significantly contributes to regional economic and social development, thus for which the CPC District Committee and the District Government express heartfelt appreciation. SPD Bank is expected to continually exert development dominance and radiance capacity, with well-rounded and multi-level participation in regional function construction. Moreover, SPD Bank commits to solidly producing schemes and innovative cooperation in aspects of replacing old buildings on the Bund, promoting organic urban renewal and constructing financial support sci-tech center, thus constantly advancing capacity for economic contribution.