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Huangpu to Connect River Bank Line in District
Source:【】 2017/7/14

The 56 Shanghai Huangpu Riverside World Expo lights will be lit again. On June 28, it was learnt at the scene that the lighting area is the original 3-kilometer Puxi World Expo Park, and after more than three months of grinding, painting, repair, installation and debugging as well as strict lifting process, the 56 World Expo flame lights will take on a new look. At the same time, the Huangpu River bank line project has entered the final sprint stage, and the 8.3-kilometer Huangpu River bank line in the district will be basically connected on June 30. With the connection of the Huangpu riverside public space, some facilities used during the World Expo have been transformed with new functions added, and many of the details of the design elements at the World Expo have been retained.

According to an official of Shanghai Huangpu District Bureau of Culture, on every Friday evening in July this year, they will organize the public cultural resources distribution special shows with the theme of “classic slow life, culture at riverside”, covering various performance forms such as music, opera, folk art , Oriental dance, acrobatics and magic, and the shows will be put on the stage at riverside Nanyuan Park. All the special shows will be open to the public free of charge, with no need to make reservations, and you can just experience the unique riverside attraction on the summer night at the park.

According to an official of Shanghai Huangpu District Government, the riverside area in Huangpu is positioned as a diversified public open space, designed to allow more people to share a full range of water environment, which gives full play to the waterfront features with landscapes varying when people move around, and vividly presents the changes in layers, structure and colors in the riverside space.