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Press Release
New Year’s Concert for Huangpu’s Talents Held

The New Year’s Concert, themed “Enjoying Classics, Talents Clustering in Huangpu”, was held at Shanghai Concert Hall on the evening of January 29, 2018. The district officials attending the concert included Gao Yun, Huang Chong and Ding Baoding, heads of the District Department of People’s Armed Force and relevant officials of the Organization Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee and Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Upon invitation, among the attendees were high-end talents including those selected into the “introduction of one thousand talents”, Shanghai’s leading talents, those who benefits from special allowances by the State Council, the district’s leading talents, the district elites, senior management members of enterprises producing greater contribution to the district’s economic and social development, as well as excellent talents. Heads in charge in functional department of talent work and liaison officers participated in the event as well.

Gao Yun, District Party Chief and District Governor, extended his festival greetings to talents from all sectors for their contribution to the district’s development on behalf of the CPC District Committee and the District Government, before the concert. Huangpu will deeply implement decisions and deployments about talent policy with more solidity, more openness and more efficiency from the Central Committee and the CPC Municipal Committee, fully highlighting its advantages, focusing on optimizing comprehensive environment for talents development and actively build talent peaks, said Gao. Firstly, keeping a foothold of regional advantages and functional orientation, the district will serve Shanghai development better, thus promoting quality, efficiency, content and grade for development and strengthening innovation, competitiveness and influence for Huangpu. Secondly, it is to insist on the principle of the Party exercising leadership over personnel management, and pay more attention to talent work, gearing talent development to overall development of economic society. Relying on intelligence for eye-identifying talents, sincerity for respecting talents, courage for utilizing talents, generosity for abiding talents and useful methods for clustering talents, the district will consummate policy system benefiting talent development, optimize comprehensive environment for talent innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to offer prominent innovation and entrepreneurship environment for diversified talents working, living and starting business in Huangpu. All this aims to build Huangpu into a paradise for talents clustering, talents cultivating, business growing and value realizing.

Huangpu is glad to attract talents from all sectors to enthusiastically participate in its development, expecting them to pile up effort and forge ahead with determination. Guided with the Thought on the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era put forward by Xi Jinping, we should join hands to embrace the new era, stage a new look, and realize new achievements, thus jointly opening up a new page for Huangpu’s undertakings.