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  Release time:2017-10-19
On the afternoon of October 10, the district government held the conference on analyzing economic operation in the first 3 quarters of 2017. Attending it were Gao Yun, District Party Chief and District Governor, Deputy District Governors Chao Kejian and Hong Jiliang, and Jiang Xizhou, Deputy Inspector. At the conference, the head of the district development and reform commission analyzed the district’s economic operation in the first 3 quarters, and the officials of the district finance bureau and the district tax sub-bureau made supplementary analysis. Gao Yun said that Huangpu’s economic operation was better than that as expected in the first 3 quarters, as the economic structure maintained stable, the industry structure continued to be optimized. The whole year’s economic development goal would smoothly be accomplished. It was not easy for us to harvest the result. All the departments should stay clear-minded to rationally analyze...
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Located at the economic , administrative and cultural center of Shanghai , Huangpu District serves as Shanghai's heart , window and business card . Geographic Location Located in the southwest end...