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  Release time:2017-08-17
Due to the high temperature recently, the vegetable prices have become higher due to lower supply in Huangpu. In response to the slack season of vegetable supply, the government takes measures to ensure vegetable supply with stable price, such as massively organizing vegetable sources and promoting public benefits back in vegetable markets. Firstly, it massively organizes vegetable sources for adequate supply. According to the unified deployment from the Shanghai Commission of Commerce, all the vegetable markets and non-staple food corporations actively contact out-of-town vegetable production bases. Shanghai JuLu Foods (Group) Co., Ltd., for instance, has recently initiated in contacting Haimen’s Vegetable Bases by signing framework agreements on cooperation.Secondly, it promotes public benefits back in vegetable markets. The “Scheme for Public Benefits back in Vegetable Markets” is amended. Three pilots for public-benefit vegetable...
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Located at the economic , administrative and cultural center of Shanghai , Huangpu District serves as Shanghai's heart , window and business card . Geographic Location Located in the southwest end...